Pastured Lean American Lambּ



We are the closest lamb farm to the Fox Valley that serves customers – in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Fox Valley – with what they need. We strictly sell live lamb that is processed by the customer at their location or a slaughterhouse.

Lamb prices vary with season and holidays but are generally $2.25 to $2.90 per live pound.  Please email for current pricing. We do accept credit cards and trades.

Standard pricing is $165 up to 65 lbs. Over 65 pounds is $165 + market pricing per pound.  Example: for 100 pounds: $165 for the first 65 lbs and $2.45 for 35 lbs = $235.75

We grow Katahdin-Texel meat lamb that do not require shearing. These are lean lambs with a very mild flavor.  They are grown on pasture. This mean little to no fat with little to no marbling.  This is unlike any lamb you will find in most restaurants and grocery stores.

We do pre-sell lamb to grow to your desired weight and fat cover.  Our target is 75 pounds with 1/4 inch fat but we will grow up to 110 pounds if desired (if prepurchased).  Occasionally, mutton will be available.